Resident Tenant Elections

Park City Communities is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners appointed by the Bridgeport Mayor. Volunteering their service and leadership, PCC’s Commissioners establish policies to ensure that PCC is meeting HUD regulations and meeting its mission to its residents.

All Commissioners appointed by the Mayor, who have terms expired, are required to stay in office until their replacement has been appointed.

Tenant Election Flyer    (Spanish)


Congratulations to Ms. Hadassah Nightingale!


Hadassah Nightingale.JPG


I was the former President of the Harborview Towers Resident Council and the former Vice President of the Resident Advisory Board (RAB).

I have several years of college. I moved from New York to Bridgeport in 2006. In New York, I served on the Tenant Association Board from 1990 – 2006 serving in multiple officer positions. I was also a member of the local Community Board #10 (1999-2002).  In addition, I received a certificate for completing a Building Management Education program (NY- 1999).

One of my strengths is reading because whatever I engage in, I do researched to get knowledge of what projects does and don’ts are. Other strengths, I feel is if I promise to do something…. Whatever the circumstances are, I keep my word. My love of reading comes from when I was young and told my mother I was bored. She would say go to the library get a book, read it and then write a book report. She was not joking, a book report was expected.

I always speak up for what I think is right. Sot that fact that Housing treats residents as if they are unimportant, I will fight toe to toe with anyone to try to get their rights granted to them.

I have a long history of advocating for residents, representing residents and working with agencies. Vote for Me as YOUR next Tenant Commissioner.