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It is every resident’s responsibility to inform your Housing Manager of any changes in your income within 10 days of the change — not just at re-certification time. If unreported income is discovered, you will be charged retroactive rent and failure to report income is a serious lease violation which could jeopardize your housing.

Facing Eviction?

The Stable Families Program will assist families with children who are members of a wide cohort of low-income public housing households in Bridgeport. Some of these households reside in public housing units. Others reside in Section 8 and other deeply subsidized housing that HACB has developed to replace demolished public housing. The Stable Families Program will help families with acute needs, who are in or on the verge of crisis access the services needed to help them stabilize their tenancies and prevent eviction.

The fundamental assumption of the Stable Families Program is that a stable tenancy promotes a stable family life, and that a stable family life greatly improves the chances that family members will be able to improve their life circumstances and prospects.

Stable Families
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