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PCC partners with many private sector businesses – suppliers, contractors, and consultants – that help us provide goods and services to meet our mission of serving more than 12,000 residents and revitalizing Bridgeport neighborhoods.

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**Before submitting your proposal and throughout the bidding process, please be sure to frequently check this website for changes and updates.  Bid submissions without addressing all changes and updates will be considered a non-conforming bid.**

 Project Based Voucher for New Construction for Marina Village

Replacement Units - RFP#086-S8-17-S

100-PD-18-S Charles F. Greene Homes and Trumbull Gardens Stair Tower Doors.pdf

099-IT-18-S - Enterprise Public Housing Software System.pdf

Security Guard Services HVT AD RFP 095-SEC-17-S.pdf

Security Guard Services - TG AD RFP 098-SEC-18-S.pdf

096-PD-18-S Reno for UFAS Com of Fireside Units A3 and C8.pdf

AD for Moving and Storage Services.pdf

Addendum# 1 Security Guard Services - Harborview Towers.pdf

Addendum# 2 Security Guard Services - Harborview Towers.pdf

Real Estate Counsel AD RFP 101-EO-18-S.pdf

Addendum#1 Real Estate Counsel #101-EO-18-S.pdf

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